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About fornskriftsällskapet

Svenska fornskriftsällskapet, founded in 1843, aims to publish indigenous writings in Swedish and Latin from the Middle Ages (and the 16th century) as well as scientific works that deal with such writings. Fornskriftsällskapet attaches great importance to the development of the important scientific field of edition philology. Within the publication, mention can be made of Knut Fredrik Söderwall: Dictionary of the Swedish Medieval Language.

For a long time, the society's interest was limited to writings that were entirely, or at least partially, in Swedish, but from 1924, alongside the original series, latinska skrifter were also published, e.g. Sancta Birgitta, Reuelaciones.

Another series, Smärre texter och undersökningar, was started in connection with the 150th anniversary in 1993.

A fourth series, begun early but published only sporadically, comprises bibliographical works. Here it is primarily a matter of Old Swedish literature.

Each year the society publishes at least one issue in one of these series.

Read more on the Svenska fornskriftsällskapets website.