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Displaced texts : An Old Swedish Birgittine Revelation in Copenhagen, GkS 1154 fol. and Three Sermons in Vienna, Cod. Vind. 13013

Jonathan Adams (red.)

Serie 3. Smärre texter och undersökningar, no. 4

The present volume comprises two essays containing text editions and short commentaries. The first deals with a copy of part a revelation by St Birgitta (Liber IV I 02) found in Copenhagen, the Royal Library, GkS 1154 2°. The text concerns the way a legal case should be heard and judged. Despite appearing in a Norwegian manuscript, the text is written in Old Swedish. The second essay contains an edition of three sermons found in Vienna, the Austrian National Library, Cod. Vind. 13013. They have been registered in the library's catalogue as being in Swedish, and this essay discusses whether this is in fact the case. The sermons' structure and content are also outlined.

Keywords: philology, Old Swedish, Old Danish, Old Norwegian, law texts, St Birgitta, sermons, language mixture.
Displaced texts

ISBN 9789197611817

Soft cover

80 pages

Published 2008

Language eng

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